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Paediatric Chiropractic in the North Shore

smiling kids looking down at cameraHelping babies get off to the healthiest start possible in life is our passion at Bays Chiropractic. Our team of experienced chiropractors offers gentle care to help restore optimal spinal health so your baby can grow and develop without interference in the nervous system, which can result in a wide range of childhood issues. We help many babies in our practice, and we’d love to help yours, too!

Our Approach

Newborns and children respond very quickly to chiropractic care, and it doesn’t take a forceful adjustment to make a difference in their biomechanics. We use the lightest touch possible—about the same pressure you would use to check to see if a tomato is ripe. It’s a very subtle movement that can restore spinal alignment and correct a misshapen skull.

To ensure your infant’s comfort during their appointment, we suggest bringing their favourite blanket and try to feed and burp them before your visit. Don’t worry if they’re asleep—many babies sleep right through their adjustment!

By using the lightest touch in just the right spots, a very instant improvement in the baby’s comfort is often noticeable immediately after they’ve been adjusted. For babies who cry a lot, chiropractic adjustments help unwind the tension in their spine, allowing them to cry less, sleep more and eat better.

Identify Issues Early

Ideally, we love to see babies before they show symptoms of problems. The first trauma we undergo in life is the trauma of being born, and the pressure of contractions can cause subluxations in a baby’s neck and spine. Even a C-section is not as gentle on a baby as people typically imagine.

By correcting these subluxations soon after birth, we strive to ensure optimal biomechanics so that common childhood issues such as colic, torticollis and latching issues don’t arise.

Get Started Today

The sooner your child begins chiropractic care, the sooner we can correct subluxations that can affect their comfort and health during their critical growth and development period. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.



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