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About Bays Chiropractic

At Bays Chiropractic, we believe that people under chiropractic care are happier, healthier and safer. In a world free of subluxation, stress and pressure around the nervous system, there would be more patience, understanding and inquisitiveness, leading to greater meaning, acceptance and kindness in the world.

After over 50 years of serving the North Shore area, our clinic has become an icon in the community. Rather than a stereotypical clinic, our practice is a healing destination where friends from the neighbourhood run into each other, kids can enjoy our fun Kids’ Corner and we celebrate your successes!

Expanded Services to Meet Your Healthcare Needs

Originally started by Dr Alan Wade (chiropractor) in 1972, the practice has grown to include six chiropractors, along with massage therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy. We work as a team to provide patients, from newborns through seniors, with the comprehensive care they need to thrive.

In addition to our team of providers, our reception staff and chiropractic assistants are also warm, welcoming and committed to helping you along your journey to optimal health and long-term wellness.


A Focus on Families

Our approach to care is to provide every individual we see with customised, quality care to help them achieve their unique goals. What often happens is that Mum or Dad will begin care, and when they experience the life-changing benefits of chiropractic, they bring in the rest of the family so they can function at their best as well—and that’s our goal! We love helping entire families get on the same page in terms of creating the life of their dreams.

We understand how busy life is these days, so offering multiple services under one roof (we even take our own X-rays on-site!) makes it easier and more convenient for everyone in the family to get the care they need. We’re also open on Saturdays to suit your busy schedule.

Maximise Your Health Naturally

You deserve to enjoy vibrant health at every age and stage. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!


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