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Corporate Wellness on the North Shore

talking with patient and showing them a spine modelAs part of our commitment to creating optimal health for people throughout the North Shore community, Bays Chiropractic offers a range of services from health talks to spinal health checks at local businesses.

Many of these corporate wellness services are offered at no cost, allowing businesses to provide an environment for their employees to bring up health issues with a chiropractor and learn about various health topics in casual “lunchroom talks” and more formal educational talks.

How It Works

We’ll connect with your HR department to organise a date and time for a pre-event site visit, so we can see where the event will take place and discuss how many people will be involved. Our talks will take place in a common area for whomever from your staff wants to attend. Spinal health checks will take place in a private environment, one-on-one with one of our experienced chiropractors. These individual checks are usually about 15 minutes and include a Q&A with the chiropractor.

If we discover an issue during a spinal health check, we will explain it to the employee and let them know how we might be able to help by offering a more thorough examination at our office. For employees who have participated in a company-sponsored talk or spinal health check, we offer a discounted rate for our in-clinic initial consultation.

Benefits to the Company

We aim to help companies of all sizes tick a “health and safety” box by providing a proactive situation for employees to learn more about optimising health and address current health issues.

Who We Serve

Our clinic has become an icon in the local community, and we welcome the opportunity to provide corporate wellness services anywhere in the North Shore.

Learn More Today

Contact our office to learn more about our full range of corporate wellness services or to book your corporate event. We look forward to working with you!



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