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Dr Joel Taylor (Chiropractor)

Dr Joel photoImproving and maintaining spinal Integrity is essential to health. When each spinal segment is working individually and as a group, there is less dysfunction, pain, and distraction to the nervous system.

Disorders of the Desk

Numbness, tingling, headaches sound familiar? Joel is a wizard when it comes to understanding disorders of the desk and postural health. Don’t let it lead to time off work or impact your quality of life. Joel practices a variety of Chiropractic techniques to suit people of all ages, sizes and shapes. “The right technique and methods must be matched to the patient’s preference, need and desired outcomes in order to achieve success”. Traditional manual techniques such as Gonstead, Diversified, Drop table/Thompson or the more subtle Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT), Activator, Logan Basic, NSA, Toggle and Webster’s Technique, (for breech babies) are applied or combined.

Dr Joel graduated in 2010, practiced in Mt Eden for 3 years, Takapuna for 5 years and now with the team at Bays Chiropractic since 2017. Having grown up on the Northshore Joel’s move to Bays Chiropractic is a step back into his home roots.


Corporate Solutions

Having worked alongside corporate clients over the last 12 years Joel has found a niche in being able to provide extra benefit to staff by offering Free spinal health checks in the work place. Group/team talks that motivate healthier spinal habits. Desk assessments and identifying potential hazards associated with spinal injuries. If you feel your workplace could benefit from these corporate solutions, email or call (09) 478 6578.

Providing Tools For Success

Joel is passionate in educating his patients and the community on the cause of spinal dysfunction. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal. It sometimes just needs a little encouragement and for us to make changes to our enviroment.

When chiropractors release the pressure around the spine with precise inputs and change our habits, we are able to help the body integrate the issue rather than fight it.

We want to move into healing mode rather than a survival mode, find the cause rather than symptoms. Contact us today to schedule!


Dr Joel Taylor | (09) 478 6578