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Meet Dr Miranda Moorghen (Chiropractor)

Chiropractor Dr Miranda Moorghen

Chiropractor Dr Miranda Moorghen

Chiropractor to Performers

Dr Miranda is an active and passionate chiropractor whose drive is in enabling her patients be the best, most optimal and vital versions of themselves possible. Her strong background in dance and show-jumping lead her to particular interests in chiropractic care for animals and performers.

Humans, Horses & Hounds!

Rarely a day goes by that Miranda isn’t found somewhere checking an animal or human in need. She is dedicated to providing specific and wholesome chiropractic care to all those she sees; athletes, great-grandparents, new-borns and everybody in-between, including dogs and horses!

Constantly Upskilling

Miranda has high expectations of herself and as such has chosen to specialise in the Gonstead System of chiropractic. She has attended dozens of seminars and workshops and continues to do so, ensuring her application of chiropractic is consistently high and ever-improving. This means her patients are continually provided the best care possible.

Outside of the Practice

As well as practicing full-time, Dr. Miranda is completing post-graduate study in chiropractic philosophy and spends a good deal of her “spare time” mentoring and assisting students of chiropractic. If not practicing, studying or mentoring, Dr Miranda can usually be found at a barre class or planning and goal-setting over coffee. At some point during the week, Miranda enjoys a good glass of wine- she is an advocate of balance, after all!

She can be followed on her facebook page

To book your horse for a chiropractic check and adjustment, if necessary, please contact Dr Miranda directly via email: or mobile phone: 022 072 3865.